About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Kalon Farm where we are committed to
helping people eating healthy. We help conveniently provide the best protein’s
for their families. If your tying to eat clean, for overall health or maximize
results in the gym We have many options.

 Have you ever purchased an expensive steak at the grocery store just to be
disappointed with the flavor? Well, that is where our story begins.

 Just like many of our best customers, we understand what it is like to not be able to
trust what’s being sold at the supermarket That is why in 2009 we launched
Kalon Farm.

 With a few acres, just as many animals and a lot of hard work we were committed to
doing things the right way. Today, we are recognized as the leading
farm-to-table meat producer our customers have grown to know and trust.

 At Kalon Farm, we are committed to pasture-raising without any of the harmful
vaccinations you will find in most available sources. We believe this is
essential for providing a quality product that is healthy for families and
healing for the environment.

 We are proud to be a part of the farm-to-table movement and to be able to offer our
customers the highest quality meat that is perfect for families who appreciate
convenience without sacrificing their health. 

 Many find that our customers have found our products filled their freezer with high
quality meats and believe you will too.

 We hope that you will join us in our mission to eating clean & whole foods, by
supporting our farm and sharing your experience with friends and family as well.


Thank you for choosing Kalon Farm. We look forward to serving you and bringing you along
in our farm journey with you and yours.

Our Farm Start

Our Ashburnham Farm was founded in 2009, but this historic property needed transformation to our vision. We dove in and organized our operation, Fencing and logging of some portions. Over the past few years we have out grown this location and have since moved on and expanded to other properties & relationships. Our retail location is on Rt 117 in Lancaster Ma. This property has a very good retail presence and also much needed hay production to add to our operation.

Lancaster Farm Store

Our Lancaster store is located 339 Seven Bridge Rd (Rt.117) Lancaster Ma 01523.

We offer our Grass fed & Grass Finished meats along with many other local artisan products

Rest in the sun!

Always something to do but the sun feels too good sometimes.

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